Engine Mounts

Is it time to replace your engine mounts?

Here are four signs to look out for… Engine mounts may not be the most headline-worthy part of the engine, but they perform a vital role, protecting the components (and any operators/drivers) from shocks and vibration. Fibets’ engine mounts are designed to deliver consistent and robust anti-vibration performance year after year, but over time even […]

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Anti-Vibration Martin Levelling Feet

Level best? A guide to levelling feet

Key considerations for choosing the right levelling feet. From pumps, engines, plant and machinery to white goods, a level surface is essential to optimal performance. When products are designed to perform on the flat, levelling feet help reduce stresses and vibration, protect performance and minimise wear. But which levelling feet are right for your application? […]

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Medium Duty Bell Mount

Which engine mount do I need?

Take the guesswork out of choosing the right engine mount for your application – use our quick reference guide. The typical engine mount doesn’t attract a lot of attention. It’s one of those essential elements of product design that you only really notice when it isn’t there. Yet, whether its application is automotive, general engineering, […]

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Northern Automotive Alliance Logo

Supporting our local auto industry

Why we’re proud to be members of the Northern Auto Alliance The North West is a major player in the UK automotive industry. Around 300,000 vehicles roll off production lines across the region every year, accounting for about 16,000 jobs and £9 billion in sales (the second highest regional total for the UK auto sector). […]

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Mini Robots Battling on Robot Wars

Roboteers, stand by…

Fibet’s anti-vibration products may not have prevented Crank-E from taking a mechanical mauling, but they did an impressive job of limiting damage. There are some things you don’t see in your average episode of Robot Wars. Usually, while Dara O’Briain and Angela Scanlon are interviewing the teams and asking what went right/wrong, there’s a team […]

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Leeds Formula Race Team

Supporting Leeds Formula Race Team

How Fibet’s pragmatic approach to bush and engine mount selection helped the Leeds Formula Race Team get race ready. When it comes to learning your trade, there’s no substitute for real world experience. That’s the reason for the existence of the Institute of Mechanical Engineers (IMechE) Formula Student Competition, a student-only competition held at Silverstone […]

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Engine Mounts

Fibet UK extend our range of engine mounts

Fibet would like to inform you that we have extended our range of Engine and Bell Mounts into the UK, so that we now have arguably the widest range available for next day delivery to support all your requirements. Whatever type of Engine Mount you are currently using can be supported by the Fibet range, […]

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Open Laptop

Fibet UK launch our new digital catalogue

Fibet UK are proud to launch their NEW Digital Catalogue, which provides the visitor with enhanced search functionality, print facility and a simplified format to aid the user. This Catalogue can be added to your desktop to aid its’ use, and will ensure that the user is always linked to the latest updates and developments that Fibet have […]

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Air Movement for Levelling Feet

New product for air movement products

Fibet VVTC and SG Mounts are the best low-cost solution for a wide range of air movement products.They are designed with high damping capabilities in the medium-high frequency to reduce noise (actual and transient) and vibration levels of any air movement products.

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Cone Mount

New cone mount

Fivistop range had been increased with the new item 4623CN08, small mount with an M8 assembling hole.

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