Celebrating our Italian engineering heritage

As Fibet launches its new global website, now is an appropriate moment to reflect on the fact that Fibet UK is part of a global engineering business that’s more than 65 years old.

Order any of our anti-vibration products and it will be with you next day (and sometimes same day), stocked, supplied and despatched from our UK branch. The chances are you would never know (or need to know) that the component you’re ordering has been on a never-ending journey of refinement and improvement since 1952. And you may never know that Fibet UK is part of a much larger, global organisation with its origins in Turin.

We are quietly proud of our Italian heritage. Few places can boast the automotive legacy of Turin. Lancia, Iveco, Pininfarina, Bertone and Ghia were all designed and developed in the city. Turin (or Torino) is what the ‘t’ of Fiat stands for.

Our origins were also in the automotive market, producing metal-elastomer bushes and associated vibration isolation components. By the 1970s, however, the company had expanded its customer base, with operations in market sectors ranging from agriculture, railways, earthmoving machinery, aerospace, marine and more.

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Global expertise

The launch of the new, global Fibet website at www.fibet.it reflects our global expertise in vibration isolation design, development and supply. Work with us in the UK, and you know that behind us is a world of expertise, experience and resources. For many of our clients, that makes us an ideal partner for custom-made solutions, standard catalogue products or a combination of both to keep costs low and reduce the capital outlay associated with tooling.

One vision

Our Italian origins have also informed our vision. With 65+ years of engineering expertise, we are a natural partner for high-profile companies and a reference point for solving some of the most complex technical vibration isolation issues.

Being a solution provider is at the core of what we do. We continue to strive for innovation in vibration isolation, and it is appropriate that to help deliver it we have begun a partnership with Politecnico di Torino, a well-known international centre of excellence – in Turin, of course.

To explore the numerous ways in which Fibet can bring international expertise to bear on your anti-vibration design, development and production needs, please call us today on 01282 878200 or contact us.

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