Bobbin mounts – why use them?

Our bobbin mounts are used in a vast range of applications but why use them?

The Fibet range of bobbin mounts is arguably the largest in the UK. Available with male, female or combination threads and in a wide range of sizes, stiffnesses and load capacities, there are literally thousands of alternatives to choose from.

Yet bobbin mounts don’t have the failsafe functionality of cabin or engine mounts, so why would you choose them in preference to vibration isolation mounts that do?

Right mount, right application

Even in demanding, safety critical applications, not every mount may need to offer failsafe functionality. In the automotive industry, for example, failsafe mounts are essential around the engine, suspension or on transmissions. Resultantly, the mounts are designed with a failsafe functionality integral within the design or assembly of them, to assure there are no risks to the vehicle’s occupants or passers-by. But does the same apply to vibration isolation measures behind the dashboard?

There are similar instances in every industry where vibration isolation and safety don’t always need to work hand in hand. Take cash registers, checkout tills and computer cabinets, for example: bobbin mounts may play a crucial role in reducing shock and vibration every time the doors or drawers slide shut, but reliability, durability and cost are likely to be greater concerns than safety.

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Even in applications where safety is generally the number one consideration – in gensets and air compressors, marine and military applications – there may be specific instances where a failsafe mount isn’t necessary. For all these applications, bobbin mounts can be the ideal low cost alternative.

It’s important to stress that where there is any element of doubt over the need for a failsafe mount, a failsafe should be the default option.

Low cost

Every Fibet mount represents exceptional value, but bobbin mounts are the lowest cost anti-vibration mount, where the application doesn’t require a failsafe.

Elastomer range

Natural rubber is the standard elastomer of choice for Fibet mounts but depending on the environment in which the mount will be required to operate, an alternative elastomer such as neoprene, nitrile or EPDM may offer greater protection against heat, oils or chemicals. Talk to us about the right elastomer for your bobbin mounts.


Choosing a bobbin mount over an alternative doesn’t mean settling for an anti-vibration mount with any lesser load capacity. Choose mounts offering 2kg-1,000kg load per unit.

Would a bobbin mount be the right low cost choice for your application? Or do you need failsafe functionality? To make the right choice, talk to us now on 01282 878200 or contact us.

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