Fibet Mount Selector

If you are looking to replace an existing Mount, please refer to this quick reference table to guide you towards our recommended solution based on a small number of key factors.

Whilst this table will guide you towards a solution, please refer to the respective Datasheet to ensure that all the other dimensions and load characteristics of the Mount are suitable for your application before you place an order.

Stage 1 – Load per Mount

Optimum Mount Static LoadCalculate the static load that will apply to each Mount.
The resultant Mount will have been selected to give you the best isolation – which (dependant on the frequency of the application), will be between 60 – 99.5%.

Stage 2 – Baseplate Securing Hole Centres

Measure Base Plate Securing Hole CentresMeasure the Securing Hole Centres for the Base Plate.

Stage 3 – Centre Securing Hole

Centre Securing Hole for Mount SelectorDecide which thread you need for the Centre Securing Hole.

Kg Kg
mm mm
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