Can engine mounts cause vibration?

Engine mounts are supposed to reduce engine vibration. But choose inferior mounts, the wrong type or hardness, or fail to replace damaged ones, and you could find they are the cause of vibration and more…

Engine vibration

The first sign of engine vibration may be an unfamiliar noise. In automotive applications, you (or at least your passengers) may notice vibration through the passenger seat. A damaged engine mount reduces the mount’s capacity to isolate vibration and, as the mount deteriorates further, the problem will only worsen. Check mounts at the first sign of vibration to ensure it doesn’t have knock-on effects that damage far more than the mounts.

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Increased deterioration

The bell design of our engine mounts is no accident. The shape is integral to guiding oils and lubricants away from the mount, maximising their lifespan. But when the rubber within the engine mounts begin to degrade, crack or crumble, the result is increased vibration. Check for cracks in the rubber section of the engine mounts, or any signs of severe rust or perforation within the metal components and replace before degradation increases.

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Additional damage

Damaged or poor engine mounts can lead to a range of problems. Misalignment can leave the engine incorrectly installed (risking damage to the engine block). The engine could have a tendency to move erratically which can loosen parts including belts and hoses. Such problems are likely only in engines running at high speeds and where the degradation of the engine mount is significant. However, the result can be costly damage that could have been avoided by replacing an inexpensive engine mount.

Impact noise

As engine mounts wear, the greater the risk of the infamous comment ‘did you hear that?’ Over time, the noise then starts to become an unmistakeable ‘clank’ or ‘bang’ before resulting in the failure of the mount or even worse – the engine.

In summary, inferior or damaged engine mounts can cause vibration and damage, whilst replacing your engine mounts can eradicate all the above issues. To find the right engine bell mounts for your application, call Fibet now on 01282 878200, email us at or visit our online guide to selecting the right solution for your needs.

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