Fibet secures another contract with UK OEM car manufacturer

Fibet’s market leading anti-vibration components have become the products of choice for another major UK automotive manufacturer.

The new contract has extended the breadth of support Fibet offers to a significant number of original equipment manufacturers (OEMs), and you’ll now find our products in everything from premium sports cars and commercial vehicles to electric cars.

These products are not only required to overcome vibration issues, but also to provide solutions that address the various noise, vibration and harshness symptoms that are inevitably identified during vehicle development.

Suspension bushes
Part of the requirement is to supply suspension bushes, and here the key is to develop a solution that delivers the exceptional ride and handling characteristics that are so crucial to ensuring that the vehicle can perform to its limits at all times – whilst retaining occupant poise and comfort.

Eliminating vibration
Another key element of our work with OEM automotive clients is providing the mountings for engines and transmissions that ensure vibrations are dissipated before they reach the chassis and, ultimately, the occupant.

Yet automotive vibration is not limited to the engine, and you’ll find our vibration isolation products throughout the car, including the air-conditioning unit and ducting, fluid tanks, compressors, wiper motors, dashboard and more.

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“Fibet has developed an enviable reputation for the anti-vibration solutions we supply to our automotive OEMs,” says Fibet UK General Manager Mike Connor. “Our latest contract (we can’t disclose the manufacturer) is further confirmation of the standing we have gained over the years as a company with the capabilities to support the automotive industry by developing bespoke products.”

If you are an automotive equipment manufacturer and would like to explore the numerous ways in which Fibet can support your anti-vibration design, development and production needs, please call Fibet today on 01282 878200 or contact us.

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