Wind Turbines

For land and offshore wind turbines, choose vibration isolation from Fibet.
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Anti-Vibration Mounts for Wind Turbines

Vibration is a perpetual challenge for wind turbines. Excessive vibration shortens the life of turbine components. It loosens bolts and places stress on weld joints. It hastens gear and bearing failures and reduces power quality.

Wind Turbines

Outside of the turbine, vibration and associated noise can cause environmental and PR problems. The potential effect of vibration on local wildlife, on the quality of life for local residents, and on sensitive seismic monitoring stations can damage public relations and compromise planning applications.

So reducing vibration in wind turbines is not simply a matter of protecting performance – it can be fundamental to protecting the reputation and longevity of the industry.

Wind turbine vibration challenges

In any difficult to access application reliability and long life of components is essential. The engine room of each turbine sits hundreds of feet in the air and need to work reliably and constantly. Fibet anti-vibration components are designed to deliver performance for the long term, maximising service life and minimising the cost, inconvenience and downtime of regular maintenance.

Marine Mounts

A low profile, easy to install design with an integral fail-safe device to provide shock and failure protection for mobile, marine or seismic stationary applications including wind turbines.

When the rubber works in shear and compression it provides large static deflections, low natural (to 8 Hz) and high isolation.


Fibet’s range of bushes are used extensively on the rotating parts of turbines – ensuring that any vibration generated is eliminated before it can reach other, potentially sensitive parts. This can extend the operational time between regular maintenance, increases the lifecycle of the turbine – and helps protect the financial return on the turbine investment.

Buffers and stops

Shock absorption and cushioning between connecting parts of tower, gearbox and housing.

Anti-vibration components tailored to your application

Fibet works with wind turbine manufacturers to develop the next generation of high performance anti-vibration mounts and buffers.

From product conceptualisation to mass production, including tooling design, lab testing and design and development using the latest CAE & FEA analysis techniques, talk to us about tailoring anti-vibration components for your application.

And with the shortest NPI lead times in the industry, realising your ambitions is quicker with Fibet.

Order anti-vibration components for wind turbines from Fibet

Whatever your application, Fibet supplies the stops, mounts and bushes to reduce wear, protect performance and cut the risk of failure. To explore which are the right components for you, call us now on 01282 878200 or email us at

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