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Off the shelf or bespoke vibration isolation solutions for OEMs, from Fibet.
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Anti-Vibration Components for OEMs

Whatever equipment you manufacture, eliminating vibration, noise and shock from the equation is critical to delivering products that perform and last. Sometimes, the solution is relatively simple – the correct mounts in the right position on the application can resolve the issue. But sometimes, the solution requires greater investigation resulting in the development of bespoke products designed specifically for your application.

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Whatever equipment you manufacture, and whatever your anti-vibration requirements, find the expertise and partnership you need with Fibet.

Off the shelf

For most OEM applications, you’ll find an anti-vibration mount or isolation product in our extensive range that can resolve the problem. To make choosing the right product simple, call 01282 878200 or find more ways to contact us.

  • Engine Mounts
    Specifically designed for use in OEM applications, and with integral fail-safe functionality as standard, our engine mounts provide the highest level of vibration isolation across the broadest range of operating characteristics.

  • Pedestal Mounts
    The ideal low cost solution for OEM equipment with no requirement for a fail-safe solution.

  • Cab/Cone Mounts
    Low cost vibration isolators with a high load capacity packed into a compact size to provide a stable solution for a wide number of OEM applications.

  • Bobbin Mounts
    Probably the UK’s widest range of bobbin mounts – supplied in natural rubber as standard but available in a wide range of elastomer compounds, for next day delivery in most cases.

  • Buffers/Stops
    Protect the equipment you manufacture from damage, or use as low cost feet where there is no requirement for fail-safe functionality.

  • Bushes
    The UK’s widest selection of bushes – available in fully bonded or semi-bonded to suit the OEM application.

  • Universal Mounts
    Huge versatility across a wide range of OEM applications where fail-safe functionality is essential.

  • Levelling Feet
    A range of low cost, stainless or coated feet for OEM applications requiring the ability to adjust height for installation on uneven surfaces.

Anti-vibration components tailored to your test

OEMs often require original solutions to vibration issues. Fibet’s experts can work with your development teams to create mounts, buffers and stops tailored to your application.

From conceptualisation to design, testing to production, when the product requires a unique approach, we’ll create the unique anti-vibration products to match.

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To explore which are the right components for your OEM application, call us now on 01282 878200 or email us at sales@fibet.co.uk.

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