Supporting our local auto industry

Why we’re proud to be members of the Northern Auto Alliance

The North West is a major player in the UK automotive industry. Around 300,000 vehicles roll off production lines across the region every year, accounting for about 16,000 jobs and £9 billion in sales (the second highest regional total for the UK auto sector).

Those numbers look even more impressive when you consider the vehicles involved. From the Bentley Continental at Crewe to the ‘baby’ Range Rover Evoque at Halewood, much of what the North West is producing is a long way from the mass market.

Fibet’s anti-vibration mounts, buffers and bobbins are a regular feature in many more sectors than automotive, but it was the automotive sector that was our initial focus when we launched the business in 1952. Today, our products remain a staple of the North West auto-manufacturing trade, in domestic cars and commercial vehicles.

And that’s why we’re continuing members of the Northern Automotive Alliance (NAA).

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Fibet and the NAA

Fibet has been a member of the NAA for almost as long as it has been an independent, non-government-funded body. We joined in 2013 because the partnerships and collaborations it fosters very much reflect our own.

What we value about the NAA is that it isn’t a closed shop for the big players. It’s a body that works for every member of the automotive industry: from global players like Vauxhall to independent specialists like Fibet.

It’s also an association that forges links with the bodies that can influence the wider automotive world – such as universities, councils and LEPs. That’s a close match for the way we work and the way we build collaborations (as, for example, our work with the Leeds Institute of Mechanical Engineers Race Team, demonstrates).

So we’re pleased to remain an NAA member, because of the values we share, because of the visibility it gives us in the market sector in which we made our name, and because of the way it brings local companies together.

You can find out more about the NAA here. And if you’d like to explore how partnership with Fibet could benefit your automotive (or other) business, contact us now on 01282 878200 or email us at

*Photo courtesy of The Northern Automotive Alliance