What is vibration?

And where does it come from?

Fibet manufactures and supplies anti-vibration products for a significant number of sectors including marine, automotive and agricultural. Vibration is something we all know when we hear or feel it, but what actually is it?

Vibration is the oscillation of a body around a central point, and it is those oscillations that form the basis of measurement. By counting the number of complete oscillation cycles within a second we arrive at a frequency, measured in hertz (Hz).

Vibration can be found in a single body in a state of oscillation (e.g. a tuning fork), but you are far more likely to have multiple frequencies occurring simultaneously in everyday applications. In motors, engines and any of the equipment in which you will typically find our engine buffers, mounts and bushes, it can often take detailed frequency analysis to determine which specific components are the cause of unwanted vibration.

Is all vibration bad?

Excessive vibration in many mechanical applications is rarely good news, but controlled levels of vibration are often integral to a piece of equipment’s function. Mechanical feeders, compactors, sanders, massage chairs etc they all harness vibration is some way to perform their tasks, so the components they require will need to limit and control vibration, without eliminating it entirely.

Where does vibration come from?

Vibration is a consequence of out of balance forces in the way components connect or rub together. It is entirely natural and virtually inevitable in any mechanical equipment, and often even small vibrations can resonate through other parts of the structure where the vibration can be amplified and the noise increased.

Anti-vibration bushes, mounts and buffers are the tools that prevent vibration developing across structures in a way that is irritating to the user and potentially damaging to the machine.

If eradicating vibration is proving a challenge in your application, talk to the vibration experts. Call Fibet now on 01282 878200 or email us at sales@fibet.co.uk

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