Over 60 years of vibration isolation for the automotive industry.
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Automotive Anti-Vibration Components

Fibet began as a specialist in anti-vibration components for the automotive industry. More than six decades later, we’re still providing the suspension bushes, engine & transmission mounts and other ancillary mounts the industry trusts.

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These ensure the optimum ride and handling conditions whilst minimising noise and vibration for vehicle occupants – all without compromising the lifecycle or reliability of any of the mechanical or electrical components.

Fibet’s products are being used in virtually every area of automotive and commercial vehicle design – for high performance sports cars, standard production cars/commercial vehicles and even to support the latest hybrid vehicles:

  • Suspension Bushes
    Bushes (or bushings) are primarily used to provide the ride and handling characteristics that the automotive customer demands for their vehicle.

    Bushes reduce the effect of vibration and noise from the road surface to the drivetrain. They reduce friction and cushion the connections between vehicle components and chassis. And, placed at suspension points, suspension bushes are also designed to absorb extreme dynamic and static forces and dampen shocks and vibration.

    The cylindrical design of Fibet bushes delivers anti-vibration performance without restricting movement or flexibility

  • Engine Mounts
    Reduce the effects of vibration, shock and engine oscillation, and cut noise in mobile and idling vehicles. Fibet engine mounts are installed between engine and chassis to deliver robust anti-vibration support and inhibit excessive engine movement.

  • Bobbin Mounts, Buffers and Universal Mounts
    Vibration suppression, shock absorption and control of noise borne from the engine, chassis or any mating components such as between the dashboard and adjoining parts. Our extensive range of mounts are designed to withstand shear and compression forces.

Anti-vibration components tailored to your application

Fibet’s experience in automotive vibration isolation makes us the ideal partner to develop your unique components. From prototyping to high volume production, our expert team can help you develop bespoke components to the hardness, durability and functionality you require.

And with lead times from concept to implementation the shortest within our market, no one delivers the components you need quicker.

Order automotive anti-vibration components from Fibet

Whatever your application, Fibet can supply the bushes, engine & transmission mounts, bobbins, buffers or universal mounts that can reduce wear, protect performance and cut the risk of failure. To explore which are the right vibration isolation components for your automotive applications, call us now on 01282 878200 or email us at

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Fibet UK based customers are supported by our distribution site in Lancashire, which is managed by a small but very efficient team who will provide you with the highest level of personal – yet professional service that surpasses anyone else within our industry.

This service is backed up with the widest range of Fibet parts held in stock at these premises for next day delivery.

The Fibet Group has our head office in Turin, Italy where our key technical resources reside alongside our manufacturing facilities.

Our manufacturing facilities encompasses all the key manufacturing processes under one roof to provide us with the highest control, enabling us to respond to customers’ urgent requirements within the shortest space of time.

This includes a wide range of Injection & Compression Mould Machines that provides us with the flexibility to align the process used with the customers’ volume requirements.

This ensures that we can optimise the processes – whilst keeping the piece part prices as low as feasible.

Warehouse Pallet Racking & Shelving

Technical Competence

Our technical expertise is market leading, with high levels of experience gained over 60 years in all applications.

The technical support we can offer include product conceptualisation, design/ development (for the products, tooling and processes), product validation (via life cycle or durability testing), and implementation into full volume production.

All this is project managed inhouse, with design/development performed using the latest CAE/FEA systems, tooling developed and manufactured inhouse, testing using one of the most comprehensive laboratories in the industry, and implementation using the wide range of plant and equipment available.

As we are able to provide a full turnkey service from concept stage, through to initial prototypes (usually within a small number of weeks from go ahead), then onto production volumes within the critical milestones set out by the customer, our NPI leadtimes are unbeatable within the industry.

Finally, all our activities are closely controlled in accordance with ISO9001:2015 & IATF16949:2016.


The Fibet Group hold Quality Certification for ISO9001:2015 and ISO TS16949:2009, which can be viewed below:

SGS ISO/TS 16949:2009 Certificate
SGS ISO 9001:2008 Certificate