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Fibet Rubber Bonding(UK) Ltd

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Manufacturers of High Quality
Anti Vibration Products, Mounts
& Bushes for over 60 Years

Agricultural, Automotive, Compressors, Distributors, Electronics, Engineering, Generators, Groundworks, HVAC, Health & Leisure, Kanban, Lifts, Maintenence, Marine, Military, O.E.M., Pump Test/Laboratory, Trains, Wind Turbines



Fibet has extensive experience in
the concept design, development
& implementation of any vibration isolation product.

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Fibet manufacture an extensive range of high quality Anti Vibration Mounts and Isolation Products, that are used within a wide range of industries.

We work extensively with all our customers to provide the optimum solution to overcome vibration issues – either by using our standard range of products, or by working with the customer to develop a unique solution.

Our personal – yet professional service, technical expertise & responsiveness surpasses anyone else within the industry and are the key reasons why our customers continue to use Fibet to support their requirements.


Fibet offer the widest selection of Bushes in the UK – available in a range of different types to suit the assembly onto the application, and can be offered in either semi-bonded, fully bonded or un bonded. Fibet are also able to manufacture Bushes to specific requirements – if you can't find a solution within our standard range.

Fibet have the largest standard range of metric plain Bushes available in the UK. These are designed with a Metal Inner & Outer Sleeve, interleaved with Rubber Compound.  These Bushes are primarily semi-bonded to provide the optimum characteristics in application. However, the range also extends to fully bonded and un bonded Bushes – where the application dictates this requirement.

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For certain applications – especially within the automotive industry, there is a need for the Bushes to have flanged heads - and Fibet offer an excellent range of this Bush type as standard. Alternatively, we are able to develop and manufacture headed Bushes to your particular specification.

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If the Bushes are to be pressed into another Sleeve, there are options to reduce the costs of the Bushes by omitting the Outer Sleeve that is incorporated  on our standard plain Bushes. This design is used extensively within the Automotive industry, but usually is specific to each application Fibet are able to work with you on developing the optimum design of Bush to keep costs low, whilst still providing the operating characteristics required for your application.

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Fibet have extensive experience in the development of unique Bushes to suit any customers' applications. We offer a class leading technical service to develop Bushes for all applications, especially Automotive – whether it be for Chassis/ Suspension points or Powertrain points. These designs can incorporate the securing mount position integral to the Bush– similar to the Dog Bone type Bush above, or can be offered in a simpler design that allows the customer to use their own assembly method. These can also be offered using lightweight materials & also with low torsional stiffness – both of which are a critical & desirable requirement  within certain prestige/ sports car manufacturers.

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Fibet offer the most extensive range of  mounts, designed to isolate the vibration in any application. Our range is so extensive, that the only way to appreciate the options available to you is to view our new digital catalogue. Alternatively, please contact us and we'd be more than happy to service your requirements – either with our standard range, or by offering a bespoke service to develop a unique solution specific to your requirements.

Fibet offer a significant range of Engine Mounts that covers every possible application within industry. These are designed either for OEM application, or as direct replacements to existing Engine Mounts you might be using. They vary in size, capacity and operating characteristics to ensure that they provide the highest level of vibration isolation. The majority of these are designed with integral fail safe functionality as standard to protect the application – under all conditions, whilst their Bell shape ensures that oils and lubricants are guided safely away from the Mount, thus maximising their lifespan.  We hold the majority of variants in stock here in the UK for next day delivery.

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Arguably the widest range of Bobbin Mounts available within the UK – the majority for next day delivery. These Mounts are a low cost vibration isolation solution to suit all applications – and are available with male, female or a combination of threads in a wide range of sizes and load capacities.

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Fibet offer an extensive range of Buffers / Resilient End Stops, which are used within a number of applications – either to protect the equipment from damage, or as low cost feet – where there is no requirement for a fail safe functionality. These are offered with male or female threads in a large variety of load capacities to suit the required level of progressive absorption.

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The Fibet range of Cone Mounts are low cost vibration isolators that have a high load capacity within a compact size and provide a stable solution for a wide number of applications. They are primarily for use as Engine Mounts on car or commercial vehicles, but are also used for radiators and chassis/ bodywork elements. However, their design is such that they can also be used on other applications that need isolation of the vibration in multi axes. They are designed to operate with supplied Fail-Safe/ Snubbing Washers to protect the application under all conditions.

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Although a large number of Fibet Mounts  can be used as rubber isolation feet, Fibet also offer a wide range of Levelling Feet in a large variety of sizes, threads , capacities and materials.

As well as manufacturing our own range of Levelling Feet, Fibet are also the UK distributor of Martin Levelling Components. – an Italian based company who  have an extensive range of products to suit every application – whether it be a low cost solution, or a solution that dictates use of Stainless Steel or coated Levelling Feet. Contact us direct for more information.

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If you want to use one of our standard Mounts, but with the ability to have height adjustment – a significant number of our Engine Mounts or End Stops can be fitted with our Height adjusters, which provide the level of adjustment required. These are supplied complete with the respective Washers and Nuts for simple fastening to the respective mounting.

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