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Vibration isolation that creates a more enjoyable experience for everyone, from Fibet.
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Anti-Vibration Components in the Leisure Industry

Vibration isolation in the leisure industry typically covers a scope far broader than the effect of rubber mounts and bushes. From floating floors to acoustic panels, the minimisation of vibration can enhance customer enjoyment, minimise the impact on other building occupants, and reduce wear of critical machinery and systems.

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Yet Fibet’s components play their part – ensuring that the machinery used in the leisure industry – from gym equipment to HVAC systems keeps working reliably.

  • Sport & fitness
    Acoustic panels, floors and suspended ceilings may be the more noticeable anti-vibration measures in your typical gym, but within the gym equipment itself and within the HVAC system that keeps the space warm/cool, Fibet’s mounts, buffers, stops and bushes ensure equipment can resist the forces placed upon it, ensuring it keeps working reliably.

  • Cinemas
    The latest sound system is all for nothing if the customer experience is frustrated by external noise and vibration from HVAC, lift and projection systems. Fibet’s mounts buffers and stops isolate, dampen and eliminate vibration and related resonance from HVAC and elevator systems.

  • Theme parks
    Unwanted vibration in theme park ride machinery can increase wear, drive up maintenance requirements and increase the risk of failure and ride downtime. Fibet heavy duty sandwich and compactor mounts can isolate vibration in ride machinery subject to intense compression forces in vertically applied loads, whilst cab and cone mounts deflect vibrations in multiple axes whilst providing a fail-safe functionality – so critical in this industry.

  • Bowling alleys
    There are greater sources of vibration in a bowling alley than the bowling pinsetter and conveyor machinery. So vibration isolation of the alley’s equipment has a dual effect, protecting the machinery from the effects of wear caused by vibration from motors and drives, and isolating it from the reverberating impact forces of stray bowling balls.

Anti-vibration components tailored to your application

New products may require new approaches and unique components to isolate vibration. Fibet is more than a supplier of anti-vibration products to the leisure industry. We design, develop and test them to in conjunction with your own development team.

Talk to us about your conceptualisation, tooling, testing, production and assembly/packaging requirements now on 01282 878200 or email us at sales@fibet.co.uk.

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