Vibration isolation for gensets, from Fibet.
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Anti-Vibration Mounts for Generators

Vibration can come from many sources in a generator. Worn bearings, warped shafts and misalignment between generator and engine can all lead to excessive levels of vibration – but in every genset, the level of wear or misalignment can be virtually zero and you’ll still face vibration from the compression and axial forces caused by natural operation.

Commercial Diesel Generator System

Right now, Fibet’s components are being used in genset applications to reduce natural operational vibration in a range of ways:

  • Bell Mounts
    Ideal for generators, with good absorption and deflection of axial stresses. Good dampening properties limit the risk of resonance developing across the generator’s supporting structure and into the surrounding floor/environment. Fail safe functionality protects safety critical applications to ensure there are no H&S issues resulting from any failure.

    However, establishing the optimal hardness of the bell mount is essential (otherwise the vibration can be increased, not decreased). For help in finding the right mount for you, contact us.


  • Radiator Mounts
    As well as supporting the engine, it is also critical that the radiator has mountings that eliminate the risk of any engine vibration passing through which may result in failure to the welded joints.

    Fibet’s range of radiator mounts are used extensively within the OEM industry to protect this delicate area of the generator assembly.


  • Levelling Feet
    Not all gensets are fixed into one location. That’s why Fibet has an extensive range of levelling feet that not only protect against vibration, they enable the generator to be placed on uneven floors and enable the Generator to be portable. Where you require vibration isolation but don’t need any levelling capability, choose from our extensive range of cylindrical stops.

Anti-vibration components tailored to your application

R&D is easier with Fibet. From product conceptualisation to mass production, including tooling design, development using the latest CAE & FEA analysis techniques, and lab testing, Fibet has decades of expertise in working with organisations to create tailored anti-vibration components for the genset sector.

And with the shortest NPI lead times in the industry, realising your ambitions is quicker with Fibet.

Order anti-vibration components for your generators from Fibet

Whatever your application, Fibet can supply the stops, mounts and feet that reduce wear, protect performance and cut the risk of failure. To explore which are the right vibration isolation components for your HVAC applications, call us now on 01282 878200 or email us at

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