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Vibration isolation for the healthcare sector, from Fibet.
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Anti-Vibration Components in Health Applications

With every innovation in medical equipment, the acceptable levels of vibration for accurate, effective operation of machines such as high magnification microscopes, mass spectrometers, robotic cutting tools and magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) machines become more stringent. Controlling and isolating vibration in the healthcare environment is, therefore, an issue of ever greater importance.

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Yet such machines can be susceptible to vibration at a level imperceptible to humans and often at frequencies which do not result in secondary manifestations (i.e. rattling lights and vibrating work surfaces). That’s why it is essential that vibration is isolated at source. Fibet’s mounts, buffers and stops can isolate many environmental sources of vibration and vibration caused by the equipment itself.

Environmental factors

  • HVAC
    Heating and air conditioning systems in healthcare buildings can create unintended resonances, thanks to motors, rotating blades and movement of air through ducts. Our anti-vibration universal mounts can isolate HVAC units and reduce noise and vibration levels in all air movement products.

  • Lifts
    Vibration from lifts systems can transfer from gears and motors to adjacent labs, wards and operating theatres. Fibet’s wide range of mounts and conical buffers provide the shock absorption and impact cushioning that inhibits vibration beyond the lift shaft.

In-equipment factors

Depending on the tool/machinery, in-equipment sources of vibration can come from virtually anywhere: the hum of the fan in a computer controlled system, the hydraulics of a robotic arm or the motor of a pump or air compressor.

  • Bobbin mounts
    Our bobbin mounts enable shock absorption and vibration isolation in a wide range of electronic applications including sensitive measurement equipment, computers, printers and other small machinery.

  • Bell and pedestal mounts
    Even a small table top compressor or motor can introduce a range of lateral and rotational forces, with potential for vibration to be compounded by resonance along pipes, tubes and cables. Fibet’s rubber mountings can dramatically reduce the effect of vibrational forces.

Anti-vibration components tailored to your application

To explore bespoke methods of eliminating vibration from healthcare products and environments, talk to us about our material and product characterisation and modelling.

Order anti-vibration components for the health sector, from Fibet

Whatever your application, Fibet can supply the stops, mounts and buffers that reduce wear, protect performance and cut the risk of failure. To explore which are the right components for your application, call us now on 01282 878200 or email us at

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