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Air Compressor Anti-Vibration Components

Vibration is bad news for air compressors. Prolonged and excessive vibration tends to increase compressor wear, push up maintenance costs and increase the risk of compressor downtime. Excessive vibration can also propagate along the compressed air system, affecting the air tool at the end of the pipework. That can be especially damaging if the compressor is powering a precision machine.

Compressors can present a complex cocktail of lateral and rotational forces, compounded by the potential for resonance along the compressed air system pipework. Whilst Fibet’s rubber mountings are not designed to be a substitute for regular compressor maintenance, which can help to eliminate sources of vibration, they can dramatically reduce the effect of vibrational forces.

Right now, Fibet’s products are being applied to air compressors to:

  • Reduce vibration
    With a range of pedestal mounts in numerous rubber compounds, you can achieve the ideal combination of vertical and shear force dampening for your compressor. Although vibration is a natural by-product of a compressor – and particularly a reciprocating compressor – vibration can also be caused by wear, damaged bearings and imbalances in the rotating parts. Fibet’s mounts will isolate vibration caused by these and other mechanical sources, help inhibit early wear of the compressor and prevent the compressor ‘walking’ across the surface on which it sits.

  • Reduce noise
    Compressors are never the quietest of power sources, but excessive vibration can increase the noise generated, making working near the compressor uncomfortable.

    Fibet’s anti-vibration compressor mounts reduce vibration related noise, helping to reduce distraction and protect workers.

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Whatever your application, Fibet can supply the engine mounts, buffers and bushes that can reduce wear, protect performance and cut the risk of failure. To explore which are the right vibration isolation components for your compressors, call us now on 01282 878200 or email us at

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Fibet UK based customers are supported by our distribution site in Lancashire, which is managed by a small but very efficient team who will provide you with the highest level of personal – yet professional service that surpasses anyone else within our industry.

This service is backed up with the widest range of Fibet parts held in stock at these premises for next day delivery.

The Fibet Group has our head office in Turin, Italy where our key technical resources reside alongside our manufacturing facilities.

Our manufacturing facilities encompasses all the key manufacturing processes under one roof to provide us with the highest control, enabling us to respond to customers’ urgent requirements within the shortest space of time.

This includes a wide range of Injection & Compression Mould Machines that provides us with the flexibility to align the process used with the customers’ volume requirements.

This ensures that we can optimise the processes – whilst keeping the piece part prices as low as feasible.

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Technical Competence

Our technical expertise is market leading, with high levels of experience gained over 60 years in all applications.

The technical support we can offer include product conceptualisation, design/ development (for the products, tooling and processes), product validation (via life cycle or durability testing), and implementation into full volume production.

All this is project managed inhouse, with design/development performed using the latest CAE/FEA systems, tooling developed and manufactured inhouse, testing using one of the most comprehensive laboratories in the industry, and implementation using the wide range of plant and equipment available.

As we are able to provide a full turnkey service from concept stage, through to initial prototypes (usually within a small number of weeks from go ahead), then onto production volumes within the critical milestones set out by the customer, our NPI leadtimes are unbeatable within the industry.

Finally, all our activities are closely controlled in accordance with ISO9001:2015 & IATF16949:2016.


The Fibet Group hold Quality Certification for ISO9001:2015 and ISO TS16949:2009, which can be viewed below:

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