Fibet UK extend our range of engine mounts

Fibet would like to inform you that we have extended our range of Engine and Bell Mounts into the UK, so that we now have arguably the widest range available for next day delivery to support all your requirements. Whatever type of Engine Mount you are currently using can be supported by the Fibet range, […]

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Fibet UK launch our new digital catalogue

Fibet UK are proud to launch their NEW Digital Catalogue, which provides the visitor with enhanced search functionality, print facility and a simplified format to aid the user. This Catalogue can be added to your desktop to aid its’ use, and will ensure that the user is always linked to the latest updates and developments that Fibet have […]

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New product for air movement products

Fibet VVTC and SG Mounts are the best low-cost solution for a wide range of air movement products.They are designed with high damping capabilities in the medium-high frequency to reduce noise (actual and transient) and vibration levels of any air movement products.

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New cone mount

Fivistop range had been increased with the new item 4623CN08, small mount with an M8 assembling hole.

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